House of Scorpio

House of Scorpio is the sister company of Gemini and Scorpio, a fab event-planning duo known for immersive themed costume parties. We are a femme- and queer-owned sex-positive community promoting equal rights and creating safe space for people of all genders and sexual orientations, and seeking to change cultural attitudes and norms around gender & sexuality. We embrace a thinking person's approach to sexuality, with events including book clubs and sex ed classes, and have an ongoing love affair with all things nerdy. We also engage in advocacy for LGBTQIA+ issues and sex worker rights.


As soon as we launched HoS with Lip Service in 2009, TimeOut New York asked Miss Scorpio for a short list of ground rules of make-out parties. Says TONY: "Gemini & Scorpio throw costume parties and vintage-costume shindigs, but their new wing, House of Scorpio, gets down and dirty." In 2010, TONY honored us with inclusion in their Essential New York issue, saying our parties mandated "convention-busting clothing with a sexy, creative flair". That is, when there's any clothing involved at all. In 2012, Lip Service parties were called "a hub for no-strings-attached makeout sessions" by New York Magazine, and were featured on ABC's 20/20 for one hot minute (at 17min mark). In 2016, Brokelyn said we throw "the most wholesome sex parties in New York," and in 2017, interviewed us extensively about what one should expect at such parties.

Ongoing monthly events (see upcoming page for more)

Lip Service:
a pansexual kissing & cocktails party

Bring your best lips (yours and your PAL's), and join us for lubricating cocktails and naughty games with sexy friends and intriguing strangers. Happening every second Friday of the month. Details here.

a pansexual play party

Part cocktail party, part makeout party, part play party. The countdown begins when doors open at 10pm: it's a mix-and-mingle cocktail party for the first hour. At 11, all regular makeout party rules apply: all the clothes stay on, and all playtime is PG13-rated. But at 12am, all restrictions lift; the door is locked, and the party can take its natural course. Every fourth Saturday of the month. Details here.