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Here are a few highlights of the events we've held since we began in 2010.

Select dates 2017-2021: Every third Sunday: Sex Lit (Stoya's erotic book club)*

The body's largest sex organ is the brain. Come stimulate yours with a rousing discussion of an explicitly erotic book led by pornographer Stoya. Drinking encouraged throughout, and mingling will follow the talk.

You likely know who Stoya is already, but in case you don't: she has been working with sexuality for over a decade. Stoya has recently developed a taste for acting with her clothes on, and is the author of Philosophy, Pussycats, & Porn published by Not A Cult. She is also known for her appearance in Clayton Cubitt's Hysterical Literature.

Stoya's Book Club, a teaser.

2021 Sex Lit / Rated Sex dates and topics

Jan - Sex Criminals Vol 1
Feb - Victoria Brooks "Fucking Law" (author video call in)
Mar - Joanna Angel "Club 42" (author video call in)
These events canceled, pending further notice:
April - "Yes Roya" comic (author video call in)
May - Jane Boon "Edge Play" (author video call in)
June - Laura Antoniou "The Academy" (author video call in TBC)
July - "Sex Criminals" (the series)

2020 Sex Lit / Rated Sex dates and topics

Jan 19 - Rachel Kramer Bussel's "Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Vol 5," with author appearance
Feb 16 - Tina Horn's "SFSX" (graphic novel), with author appearance
March 15 - Stjepan Sejic's "Sunstone" (graphic novel)
April 19 - Guy New York's "Disgusting Beautiful Immoral," with author appearance
May 17 - Autumn Bardot's "Confessions of a Sheba Queen," with author video call in
June 21 - Laura Antoniou's "The Trainer," with author video call in
July 19 - K. M. Szpara's "Docile," with author appearance
Aug 16 - Edith Templeton's "Gordon"
Sep 20 - Nicholson Baker's "Vox"
Oct 18 - Tobsha Learner's "Quiver"
Nov 15 - Samuel R. Delany's "Times Square Red Times Square Blue"
Dec 20 - Erica Jong's "Fear of Flying"

2019 Sex Lit / Rated Sex dates and topics

Jan 20 - Guy New York's The Island on the Edge of Normal, with author present
Feb 17 - Rudy Rucker's The Sex Sphere
March 17 - Rated Sex - Scenes from Stoya's own Around the World in 80 Ways: Paris 3rd Arrondissement and Beograd
April 28 - Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Dart
May 19 - Special edition: Whores and Monsters. A conversation between Stoya and Maria Dahvana Headley, author of NYT bestseller The Mere Wife, a contemporary feminist retelling of Beowulf, and upcoming revolutionary translation of Beowulf itself
June 16 - Laura Antoniou's The Marketplace book 2 The Slave, with author video call in
July 21 - Saskia Vogel's Permission, with author video call in
Aug 18 - Robert Heinlein's Friday
Sep 15 - Mercedes Lackey's Black Swan
Oct 20 - Colette's The Vagabond
Nov 17 - Anne Rice's Beauty's Kingdom
Dec 15 - Song of Songs (Old Testament, New American Standard version is recommended)

Select dates 2018-2019: Rated Sex (Stoya's Film Club)

The body's largest sex organ is the brain. We have stimulated yours with books; now we turn our attention to film. What makes a scene or film truly erotic? How do you sort through the endless megabytes of mediocre porn to find unique gems? Let pornographer Stoya show you the way.

Stoya is co-owner of the new explicit online magazine ZeroSpaces, showcasing a collection of videos, photos, articles and more around a particular theme per issue. With the other co-owner of the platform, programmer and comedian Rev Mitcz, in town for just one week, we're excited to screen an issue of ZeroSpaces live exclusively for House of Scorpio. All clips from the issue will be screened; Rev Mitcz will be introducing the show, and Stoya will be reading select essays. We hope to have a rousing discussion of porn, sex, and modern society.

A less formal format than the book club, this will be more a cocktail party with hand-picked porn, facilitated discussion, and mingling after.

Select dates 2020: Sex Bingo with Stoya

Pornographer Stoya hosts a brand new party night of participatory adult edutainment. Sex Bingo objectifies the bingo wheel, turning it into a tool to spark conversations about sex. Spin the wheel, match the number to an explicit topic and jump into discussion. Tell stories, ask questions, share tips. Think of it as a talk show where everyone is a special guest, and sex is the topic of conversation. Or one of those tipsy evenings where you swap sex & relationship stories with your friends.

House rules: no jokes (personal funny stories are fine). Be respectful of all participants. House of Scorpio code of conduct always applies. Due to the nature of the prizes, winners will need to provide proof of age. Silly outfits and cocktails are strongly encouraged.

Select dates 2017-2018: Eros: Black // Eros: Red

Two nights of exploring desire from House of Scorpio, purveyors of the infamous underground makeout & play parties, and LUST, makers of extravagant erotic nightlife. Eros is a unique combination of erotic performance and physical experience, with Friday [Eros: Black] focusing on fetish and kink, and Saturday [Eros: Red] on sensory exploration and sensual play. Come prepared for a night of full immersion and interaction. Touching, nudity & kink play are encouraged throughout, but please wait until midnight to fully engage with your partners, when the party rating goes from NC-17 to decidedly X.

Strict dress code for a full fantasy environment: over-the-top sexiness, decorated nudity, lingerie, fetish, leather, lace, latex, rubber, vinyl, straps, corsets, tutus, steampunk, dandy, neo-Victorian, goth, dark Lolita, fantasy, festival. TimeOut said it best: "convention-busting clothing with a sexy, creative flair." If in doubt, go formal. Suits OK for men, if worn with ties and other accessories - don't look like you're going to a meeting. No casual or business attire; door man WILL turn you away. Yes, you can change when you get here.

Eros: Black

Leather and lace. Blindfolds and handcuffs. Whips and chains. Pleasure and pain.

Step into our dungeon and give in to your darkest passions. Escape reality and bring out your inner dom(me) or sub...along with your favorite implements of torture and ecstatic pleasure. Watch or play. Don't know how? We'll teach you...or perhaps some of our other guests will.

~ St Andrew's Cross flogging station
~ Torture play station
~ Spanking
~ Rope play
~ Electric flogging
~ Violet Wand electro-stim
~ Rigging point for shibari and suspension play
~ Dog cage for your pets or subs
~ Multiple rigging points

Eros: Red

A night of sensory exploration, with multiple "sensation stations" for you to experience everything from softest touch to pain-as-pleasure. Ask and you shall receive permission to engage in a night of hedonistic abandon. The night begins with Lip Service style make-out sessions, Spin the Bottle and other games, and turns into an everything-permitted play party after 12am.

Featured stations:
~ The night begins with Lip Service style make-out sessions, Spin the Bottle and other games
~ Massage
~ Sensory play station
~ Electric flogging
~ Hot wax play
~ Plenty of play areas for your full satisfaction, including a swing
~ Multiple rigging points

Monthly 2017-2019: Under Cover

Calling all poly, swinger, kink, LGBTQIA and other "alternative" dating, sex & gender folks and their allies. We're creating a protected and judgment-free space for connections, conversations and community. For those of you new to it all: direct introductions to guests; facilitated discussions on poly, kink and swinger lifestyles; icebreaker games to welcome you to our club. For our regulars: a way to ease new friends into our scene; a chance to meet all the new faces you may want to kiss later; a visit with the community even if your PAL is not around. For everyone: gender-fucking or otherwise alternative burlesque and variety, a charming hostess to make the introductions, and an informal setting for conversations and future kisses.

10.26.18: Persephone - secret dungeon fetish Halloween

Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife

As autumn's chill stills the air, Persephone once again journeys to the underworld to bring redemption and pleasure to its denizens and to seek out her immortal lover Hades. Taste the sacred pomegranate and join us in a modern recrafting of the sacred and erotic Eleusian mysteries.

A dark and haunting mix of dance, performance, sensory experience and kink play, Persephone is a fetish Halloween celebration. Featuring interactive experiences by Sex Wolf (electricity), Nola Bunny (sensory), Jackie Skye (wax), Rob Romeo (fire). Aerial and fire performance by Bella Vita. DJs Ceremony (Svmmon: a dark dance experience, Disintegration - The Cure immersion party) and James David (Glamdammit, Svmmon) keep you dancing all night with goth, industrial, synth, dark 80s, new wave, electro.

Special dungeon area with play equipment and expert dommes Vonka, Lydia Vengeance, Miscallaneous Domme Top and Lethal Kit. Explore your darkest desires at their hands, or bring your dates & your toys. Rigging points available for suspension play. Consent and polite party behavior strictly enforced.

Welcome to our underworld.

Dress code: gods and goddesses, damned souls, gothic, fetish, dark Lolita, neo-Victorian, steampunk, ninja warrior, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice. Effort required / no casual wear.

Location: gorgeously finished private high-ceiling brick-and-wood loft with roof deck. Address will be released 24 hours before the event.

New Year's Day: New Year's Morning Pajama Lounge
(aka Lip Service meets Breakfast of Champions)

Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife

Sunrise cuddle puddle for our deviant extended family, with makeouts, mimosas, smoothies and breakfast. Snacks and continental breakfast will be available from 5am on; hot breakfast served at 7am. We'll have the giant screen up, and could cuddle up together for movies into daytime, too. And of course mimosas, smoothies and coffee - virgin or spiked.

Ongoing: Bedroom Badass - a poly- and kink-friendly sex and relationship workshop series

Bedroom Badass is our series of workshops to take couples and individuals through various steps in opening up their relationships, or in exploring more adventurous sexual experiences. We've noticed there are many of you for whom our parties are that exciting first step, and we thought we could help you more along the way by having these small, dedicated, hands-on sessions.

4.15.18 - Scene Negotiation & Pick-Up Play with Vonka [Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife]

Vonka is a BDSM event organizer, and burlesque & fetish performer. Vonka has been a sex worker and active leader in the kink community for eight years. Her experiences range from orchestrating both small and large group sex scenes to extreme S&M.

Whether you're hoping to try something new with your established partner or with a willing stranger at a play party, you need to know how to approach the request, negotiate boundaries, and carry out the scene with respect and maximum satisfaction for everyone involved. This class will have a special emphasis on kink scenes, as they require more negotiation and our teacher is a kink & BDSM expert, but is a great learning tool for any new sexual experience.

Some topics to be covered:
- Approaching the scene, from self analysis to the actual request
- What happens after a "yes"? Boundary exploration and negotiation
- Deeper exploration of specific limits to consider
- Aftercare and follow-up

8.12.16 - Anal Sex 101 with Asa Akira [Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife]

Asa Akira is a Japanese-American actress who has appeared in over 300 adult films. Her many awards include AVN's "Performer of the Year" award in 2013. In addition to acting, she hosts a regular podcast on sex and relationships and is the author of "Insatiable: Porn - a Love Story" and her new book "Dirty Thirty".

Whether you want to give or receive, anal sex can be an outrageous and enlightening experience. Join award-winning porn star Asa Akira as she reveals the secrets to good backdoor lovin’, from how to broach the subject with your partner and demystify the fear associated with butt sex, to how to properly prepare for your first time, and all of the secrets of an orgasmic anal experience.

Some topics to be covered:
- Why anal sex is scary
- How to get clean
- How to prep
- How to recover like a pro

3.15-5.31.15: Original series with Sean Simpson

Sean Simpson has spent six years teaching various classes at some of the largest events in the kink scene, including Dark Odyssey, Winterfire, and Chrysalis. Sean has trained professionally in psychology, anatomy & physiology, and massage therapy, and privately with experts in everything from wax play to predicament bondage. Sean's classes include How to Argue as a Couple, Seductive Massage, Sensory Play, Sensual Wax Play, How to Talk Dirty, Predicament Bondage and even Knife Play.

3.15 - Killer Communication 1 [Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife]

The first in our new series of relationship workshops, this introductory class is designed to spotlight communication skills and strategies to strengthen and maintain the positives in your romantic, friends or family relationships. You'll learn how to get into your partners' psychological world, understand their patterns, read their non-verbal cues more effectively, and find new levels of appreciation and trust while building confidence in the relationship. The workshop will include both a lecture and practical exercises, as well as a take-home (or emailed PDF) document with the most relevant notes from the session.

Some topics to be covered:
- The Ten Commandments of effective communication
- 36 things you need to know about your partner
- The five key ways we show and recognize love and appreciation
- How to state your needs clearly and effectively
- Knowing the difference between what your partner says and what they mean, and the right questions to ask to know the difference

3.29 - Killer Communication 2 [Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife]

While our first communication class laid the foundation of trust and intimacy in your relationship, the second will focus on direct application of newly learned concepts to sex and play, while adding more advanced communication tools to your Badass skill set. You'll learn to master specific strategies for increasing your partner's trust and comfort, develop language to talk about deeply held fears and desires, and identify and resolve potential pitfalls.

Some topics to be covered:
- Six steps to personal responsiblity
- Consent in personal or play party settings
- Boundary negotiation
- Ways to ask for what you want
- How to say "no" (or partial "yes")
- The most effective type of communication in sexual settings

4.12 - How to Slut Ethically [Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife]

The beauty of polyamory is the ability to define your own relationship boundaries instead of letting habit and society set them for you. But with that power comes not only great responsibility, but conversations, negotiations and issues you may not have ever considered as a monogamous person. We'll show you how to navigate the challenges of opening up for the first time, as well as share specific techniques for bettering your existing open relationships.

Some topics to be covered:
- Myths of polyamory: what it is and what it isn't
- What type of polyamory is right for you?
- Five effective strategies for openness and honesty
- Combatting jealousy
- Step-by-step checklist for opening up your relationship
- Unicorn care (and self-care) guide
- Resources and support networks guide

5.3 - Sensory Play [Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife]

Sensory play is about two things: turning your partner on, and taking absolute hold of their attention. This class will teach you how to seduce each of the senses, bringing your partner into the moment no matter how many worries or distractions they have. We will show you how to use the senses to alter mood, induce pleasure, relax your partner or excite them into a state of frenzy. Your ticket will also include your very own silky long black scarf (the most versatile sensory play tool!) and a personalized 4oz bottle of massage oil (pick your own scent!).

Some topics to be covered:
- A crash course on anatomy and physiology of the senses
- Activating each sense in partner play
- A selection of props and tools to heighten sensory stimulation
- The use and effects of sensory deprivation
- Effective use of temperature play
- Intro to wax play & electro-stimulation

5.17 - Wax Play [Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife]

A class on the essentials of Hot Wax Play, to introduce you to this erotic and sensual experience. Many people are very curious about trying wax play but are not quite sure were to start. How do I do it safely? What type of wax is the best to use? Will I burn my partner? In this class, we will show you how to set your love life on fire without burning down your bedroom.

Some topics to be covered:
- Safety
- Setting up the play area
- Types of wax to use
- Techniques for artistic and seductive wax play

Demonstrations and workshops will cover: wax dripping, ladling, pouring, and play techniques. We will provide all necessary play, safety and cleanup materials.

5.31 - Seductive Massage [Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife]

This workshop is designed to introduce a whole new level of touch into your life and give you the basic massage skills to enable you to relax, revitalize, and tantalize your partners. It’s a 3-hour hands-on class that comes with a lifetime of rewards.

You will be learning many of the same techniques and skills that professional massage therapists know and use in their practice -- from a massage therapist with 15 years of experience and 12 certifications in various modalities. One of the most important things we are going to teach you is how to do really deep work without using your hands or your fingers, and using your full body weight - key knowledge to enable you to keep going for a longer period of time without getting tired. Most people are truly surprised at the difference between what they thought massage was and what they learn here.

Your ticket will also include a 4oz bottle of massage oil to use and take home, which you personalize using a selection of essential oils.

Some topics to be covered:
- A crash course on anatomy and physiology
- A mini essential oils workshop before you customize your massage oil
- Reflexology demo (traditional Chinese foot massage)
- Swedish massage (traditional western massage)
- Intimate massage foreplay techniques

This class focuses on practice more than theory. We'll still have a small lecture, and will send the notes PDF, but you'll be spending most of your time actively engaged in the skills we're teaching. You will also have individual teacher attention as you practice. As always, we'll leave dedicated Q&A time at the end of the session to give you time to speak directly to our teacher, and get your feedback on this and possible future workshops.

3.3-4.3.2016: Bedroom Badass: Bondage Bootcamp with Erin Houdini

March 3, Basic training 1 - Bondage intro: Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife
March 20, Basic training 2 - Practical restraint: Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife
Sun, April 3, Basic training 3 - Pretty restraint: Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife
Sun, April 17: Basic training 4: Tie'em up and...(Bondage for sex): Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife

Erin Houdini is a rope mistress and escape artist in the business of uniquely colored rope and restrictive restraint. A teacher by trade, she brings style and substance to her workshops, striving to make rope bondage accessible and logical, yet still intuitive and artistic. Outside the bondage world, she’s known for her online activism and essays on gender, sexuality, and consent.

This workshop series is designed for anyone interested in the trust, fun, and excitement that comes with exploring the concept of bondage and power exchange. Don't worry if you know nothing about it, or even if it scares you a little: we'll take you from the very beginning all the way to practical play. And if you're not new to the idea, you can jump in anywhere along the way to brush up on basics, pick up new tying skills or just practice in a safe and welcoming environment.

March 3

We begin with a guided tour of the world of bondage. In this interactive class we will discuss the different ways many find it appealing and how to make it work for you as part of your personal exploration. We will teach you how to safely explore the forbidden with the trust of your partner and how to develop and keep that trust. We will also introduce you to Erin Houdini, our rope expert teaching most of this series.

We will cover: bondage safety; psychological appeal and exploration; the key components of a good bondage scene; intro to rope and a demo with Erin Houdini; alternative bondage demos including: ready-made restraints, clothing, saran wrap and more

March 20

A tutorial of rope handling, limb ties and body ties, and how they can be used singularly or in conjunction with each other to create an erotically charged rope scene. We will cover: Rope handling: tension, wrapping, cinching, locking; Limb restraint: single and double column ties, frogties; Full body ties: chest harnesses, crotch ropes, handcuff belts, hogties

April 4

This class allows students to strengthen the basic skills and ties learned in the last workshop and shows them how to make their restraints beautiful as well as functional. We'll go over some of the previous class' ties, plus include: full body ties: halter top harness, x-man harness, v-harness, the gunslinger; limb Restraint: attaching limbs to harnesses (plus review of single and double column ties from the first class); more advanced rope handling methods, including tension, wrapping, cinching, and locking.

April 17

A tutorial of rope handling, limb ties and body ties, and how they can be used singularly or in conjunction to provide the access, friction and handling for really hot bondage sex. We will cover: review of basic rope skills from previous classes; overhead ties: strapado, hammerlock; full body ties: hip harnesses, handcuff belts; specialty ties: crotch ropes (shinju), breast bondage


If there's enough interest, we will host these advanced, smaller workshops in the future:
- Intermediate Training 1: Tight bondage
- Intermediate Training 2: Partial suspensions
- Advanced Training 1: Intro to full suspension
- Advanced Training 2: Suspension bondage
Please let us know if you would like to reserve a spot. The sooner we have a minimum number of students, the sooner we can confirm the classes.

4.18.2015: Spring Bacchanalia

Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife

A decadent celebration of wine, freedom and ecstasy to chase away the last of the winter chill. Frolic with Bacchus' lascivious menagerie in his ivy-covered grove, feed the initiated grapes, and anoint them with your sacred oil. If you're feeling brave, stick your hand in Pandora's Box… and if you're really brave, there's the slave auction and the human sacrifice...

Theme dress or costume required: maenads, nymphs, satyrs, fauns, centaurs, horny woodland creatures, Emperors and plebeians, Olympians and demigods.

12.19.2014: Naughty or Nice Holiday Party [Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife]

Before you escape town for wholesome family visits, spend a night with ho-ho-hos and jingle balls, exploring all the way to the North Pole. Ride Rudolph the Red Ballgag'ed Reindeer (who wants to volunteer? we'll gift you the ball gag!). Make out under the mistletoe. Sit in Santa's (vibrating) lap. Reward the nice or be punished for being naughty in the Spanking Station (BYO spanking tools). Send salacious holiday greetings from the North Pole Post Office. Find out if it's better to give or receive in our Secret Santa swap (bring a wrapped gift: naughty or nice, under $10).

Theme dress or costume required: horny reindeer, lecherous elves, slutty snowflakes, cross-dressing snow queens, misfit toys, curious penguins, kinky Krampus devils, warped Grinches, Santas, and Hanukkah Harrys.

9.27.2014: Intergalactic Beach Blanket Bingo [Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife]

It's time to put on your bikinis, grab your surf boards, and run down to the beach. We're celebrating the best of 1960s beach movies, and especially the 1964 "Pajama Party" - featuring one confused Martian, sent to prepare for an alien invasion and ending up instead at a pajama party with everyone's favorite beach gang. What other interplanetary creatures will gather on the beach to celebrate the end of summer?

Theme dress or costume required: vintage beach bunnies, surfer hotties, rat pack bikers gangs, mermaids, skydivers...from outer space! At a pajama party! No lazy modern-beachwear-as-costume :) Inspiration: 1964 "Pajama Party", 1965 "Beach Blanket Bingo", any campy sci-fi from the 60s.

6.7.2014: 20,000 Licks Under the Sea [Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife]

Join us for frolicking in the waves of the Hotlantic as we submerge our steampunk submarine as deep as it can go. Be caressed by tantalizing tentacles or frilly fins; play with dolphins' air holes; make out in sea kelp patches; wrestle with sea urchins.

Theme dress or costume required: Captain Nemo, naughty Neptune, flirty fish, messy mermaids, lewd lobsters, sexy squid, pretty plankton.

3.22.2014: Kinky Salon NYC: Candyland! [Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife]

Traipse along the pop-color paths of a life-size Candyland game, from the Gumdrop Mountains to the Candycane Forest, as you try to make your way to the Candy Castle. But beware, naughty Lord Licorice may snare you with his tangly black ropes, and Lollipop Princess may spank you with her huge sticky treat. Lewd entertainments and silly games by and for YOU (email us to participate!). Bring treats to share.

Theme dress or costume required: Gingerbread People, Mr. Mint, Duke of Swirl, Gramma Nutt, King Kandy, Queen Frostine, Gloppy the Molasses Monster; sweet treats of all kinds; angry dentists; latex-lickable lollies; sugar and spice and everything nice. Or naughty.

3.16.2013: First-ever Kinky Salon NYC: Fairy Forest Frolic [Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife]

The infamous Kinky Salon, the most tantalizing, silly, artistic, intimate, playful & sensually outrageous costume party, has finally made it to NYC. Adventure with us into the land of naughty fairies and soft scented flowerbeds. Our Gowanus loft has been transformed into Queen Titania's forest: a moon-drenched wonderland of fairyland fancy and decadent delights. Tricksters and merry pranksters abound...beware of that pesky Puck and his love potion, and the naughty green fairy at the bar. Lewd entertainments and silly games by and for YOU.

Theme dress or costume required: winged and feathered; nearly nude & glittered; horned and naughty; bondage fairies, Ents, satyrs, bunnies, flowers, nymphs, druids, fairy folk, witches, familiars, enchanted animals, elves, gnomes, sprites, lovers lost in the wood.

Multiple dates: Steam & Sin [Event on Facebook | Event on Fetlife]

The enveloping steam has softened and sensitized your skin, flushed from dancing; a skilled massage has awakened your deeper flesh; and throughout our misty playland are attractive, aware, and dynamic guests feeling the same sensual vibration - why would you leave for the hottest part of your evening? You don't have to - House of Scorpio has taken the legendary G&S' Banya parties to the next level.

It's a steamy night of your dreams, with a naughty private party in the Russian Baths. Indulge in your choice and degree of pleasures - from a dance in your spa wear to a skin-tickling soak in the jacuzzi - OR head upstairs to a sexy play zone created exclusively for our event.

This is your night of decadence. In addition to the pleasures of the saunas, dance floor, jacuzzi, roof deck lounge and, of course, like-minded company, Toys in Babeland is supplying us with their signature lube, and "Hands of God" Hushabye will be giving free mini-massages. Feeling giving yourself? Give your playmate the pleasurable lashing of a platza. A hand-picked DJ (TBA) keeps the dance floor grooving all night.

[Discreet] BYOB and BYOT (Bring Your Own Toys!). Tip your waitstaff. Go wild. It'll be cold out there, but very hot in here...

*you may come as early as 9:30pm for "clean" activities.

Kinky Kocktails Pride Kick-Off: HoS LGBTQ+ sex-positive community-building mixer

Pride month kick-off cocktail party & HoS LGBTQ+ sex-positive community mixer. Proper cocktails in a brand-new luscious speakeasy: hidden entrance, cozy seating, bordello vibes, and an owner who's on board with who we are and what we do. Drink & food specials TBC.

This is also a chance for all of us to finally meet in person and talk about what feels safe going forward. Come check in with each other and Miss Scorpio about our future as a community.

All existing and prospective HoS members are invited. Our usual over-the-top dress code is encouraged but not required. All genders expressions welcome, and HoS house rules apply. Vaccine proof required; masks optional but encouraged when not actively drinking or eating.

Space is very limited; please purchase tickets in advance to guarantee admission.

Community mental health check-in

It's an anxiety-inducing world out there. We've teamed up with multiple mental health professionals from our sex-positive community to hold a safe space for you to connect, compare coping strategies and extend support for each other.

Our mental health team is working on topics, but we also invite you to make suggestions by email or in the FB event. What do YOU want to hear about?

We hope to make this meet-up bi-weekly as long as the pandemic continues, if there's interest from our community (updates TK via HoS mailing list; you can sign up on our site). We're scheduling this event for an optimal worldwide time window -- don't hesitate to tune in to just a potion of the discussion, as fits your schedule. We are also hoping to cross-broadcast to Facebook live, if the software works (stay tined to the FB event for info as we confirm it).

Full profiles for our mental health team:

Dr. Christine Petit (she/her), Doctor of Psychology (PsyD, 2018) in School & Clinical Psychology and Masters in Education (MSEd, 2017) in School Psychology from Pace University. She is trained in adult and child psychotherapy and has experience working with adults with personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (related to sexual assault), depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, and parenting. As a bisexual cisgender woman in a non-monogamous relationship, she is new to the community, but is a long-time expert in human sexuality.

Natalie Winicov (she/her), LMSW. 2018 graduate from Columbia University School of Social Work. She provides clinical mental health services for formerly homeless individuals with dual diagnoses and living with HIV. She is on Red Cross' Mental Health Disaster Response Team and is trained in mindfulness practices.

Benjamin Heisler (he/him), LMSW. 2018 graduate from Touro College School of Social Work. He worked in Therapeutic Foster Care services and then most recently as a Crisis Social Worker at P.S. 188, an elementary and middle school on the Lower East Side. He has worked with people in crisis since 2011 and is also on the Red Cross' Mental Health Disaster Response Team. Benjamin and Natalie are a couple who have been in the kink community for about a year.