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Kinky Salon NYC is the East-Coast-lovechild of the eponymous phenomenon in San Francisco, founded in April 2003 by partners Polly Pandemonium and Scott Levkoff. The two realized that based on their experience in the fetish, sex-positive, kink and Burning Man worlds, they could create an event that would foster a tight-knit, creative, playful community of freaks and frivolity. It worked. The result was Kinky Salon--the most tantalizing, silly, artistic, intimate, playful & sensually outrageous costume party, which has best been described by SF Weekly:

"Guests contribute more than bodies and cash; they contribute time, talent, and ideas, and they support each other's endeavors both creatively and sexually. Provocative costuming, stimulatory surroundings, and explicit erotic experiences might be anticipated, witnessed, and explored at every Kinky Salon, but the sexual aspects are so integrated into the epicurean fabric of the party -- the music, the dancing, the photo booths, the slide shows, the toys, the decadent surroundings, and the capricious costuming -- that it might actually go overlooked by anyone who came for a slightly less ribald night of creative commingling. The fact is, as sexy as it is, Kinky Salon is not about sex, it's about community-building."

Miss Scorpio met the party-planning duo via mutual friends in 2006, and the three have talked about bringing Kinky Salon to New York City ever since. With her straddling the same intersection of worlds on the East Coast and throwing events in the similar themed costumed spirit via Gemini and Scorpio, the collaboration was a natural fit. In 2012, she finally got her own loft space suitable for events -- and in 2013, House of Scorpio is excited to announce that Kinky Salon has finally made it to NYC. We hope you joins us. Get in touch to share your talent or time, and let's make magic happen together.

Kinky Salon Photos: Feast of Fools

Photos by Todd Hartman

What makes Kinky Salon different

The community! The event's roots lie in Burning-Man-fostered participatory DIY culture, with a family of volunteers putting together each party. From decor to art installations to interactive experiences to performances to costumes, KS members are encouraged to contribute time and creativity to create a more unique party experience.

Radical inclusion! Kinky Salon is a rare adult party that does not discriminate based on age, looks, relationship status, gender or sexual orientation. All are welcome, as long as they bring a PAL and abide by the KS Charter.

The themes! Each month's event is themed to a new colorful, frivolous idea: circus, toys, candy, fairy tales, animals, etc. This is expressed in every aspect of the event: decor, costumes, entertainment.

A note from Kinky Salon Founders

Hello New York!

We're thrilled that Kinky Salon is happening in your town, and we're here to give our official 'thumbs up'. We've shared all the details, tricks and tips of how we throw 'Arty Sexy Parties' with event producers around the world, so that they can recreate that unique Kinky Salon vibe.

We hope you enjoy it!

Polly and Scott
Kinky Salon, San Francisco